About Easy-Doks, LLC

DOK Solution, LLC has created a unique line of Multi-USB Port Smart Device Charging products designed for both commercial and consumer markets. These products incorporate our SCD (Smart Current Detection) Technology that protects the device's battery and includes friendly features for consumer use. Features include USB cable organization, clocks, alarms and speakers for listening to a device's media. These products also include our patented cradle which can accommodate phones, iPods, iPads, tablets and hot spots. A utility and two design patents are pending on these products.

We recognize the need for a centrally located personal device charger to accommodate a family's or business's numerous personal electronic devices. There are millions of families with smart devices that need charging. Our solution is a cost effective, centrally located, multi-port charger with cable organizers that will not only charge but protect the device's battery from overcharging. These are unique products.

There are hundreds of millions personal electronic devices in millions of homes and they all need charging. Usually on a daily basis. Instead of scattering these devices around the house we provide a centrally located station to charge all devices. There are personal electronic device chargers on the market. However, they have limited use and are not consumer friendly. Our DOK products include other features including alarm clocks and speakers that allow listening to a user's device media. We also incorporate our own SCD (Smart Current Detection) to protect a device's battery from being over charged.

DOK products are manufactured by DOK HK Trading company in Hong Kong and imported by DOK Solution LLC in Florida. Easy-Doks, LLC sells and distributes on behalf of DOK Solution, LLC.